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At the Sand Beach Holiday Resort we are in tune with the dynamism of leisure tourism, which continues to evolve as tourists become even more demanding, fueled by increasing appetite for more quality holidays with a purpose, and more discerning because they travel a lot and experience various destinations, coupled with changes in lifestyle. Most importantly there is this preference for exotic holidays and the urge to immerse in local cultures.

Given that Sand Beach Hotel Resort is your African inspired family managed hospitality hotpots located on the pristine Kotu beach in the Tourism Development Area, this trendy resort offers not only hassle free holidays in the Smiling Coast, but are equally cognizant of the fact that travelers/holiday makers are beginning to realize that they need to invest in themselves lot more.

Invariably, during your stay at the Sand Beach Hotel Resort, we will endeavor to serve you to our best and at the same time ensure that you have a memorable stay in your home away from home. What better way than to craft a very appealing and all embracing entertainment package revolving around the following:

  • Resort based entertainment
  •         Night animation
  •         Daily pool based entertainment
  •         Therapy studio

Resort based Activities – Daily Pool Based entertainment.

Aqua aerobics in the pool, cocktail games at the beach, dancing and drumming classes, water polo in the pool, pool basket ball, 



                                               A group of Tourist from Norway stayed at Sand Beach Holiday Resort, and enjoyed the Gambia

So much and bought African cloths to Celebrate in the Gambia 



Wellness Activities

At SBHR we are also aware that our coveted guests want their holidays to have purpose, to relax, to eat well to have fun, to learn something new but also to bring balance and harmony to life through complete immersion to healthy and mindful living. Therefore we have put together a range of wellness program within the confines of the  Therapy Studio, which offers a range of wellness and therapy services including pedicure, manicure, facial treatment, mini facial treatment, hair removal waxing, cellulite massage, relaxing back massage, hot compress massage etc. In addition to these services, there is also a hair dressing salon/hair lounge and the services include : braid, dry curl, cream treat, cream, sew on, bond in, shampoo etc

 Sand Beach Hotel and Resort is your home away from home, therefore enjoy and relax at our pool whole day – everyday and staff of the nearby restaurant are always on call, in case you want to quench your thirst and enjoy our range of delicacies including African menu. We serve light refreshment to full meals in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. There is a delicious range to suit every body’s taste.  


Night Animation


During peak season in winter, SBHR rolls out daily entertainment programmes all geared towards the satisfaction of our coveted guests and these include, but not limited to life band entertainment, cultural shows to give our guests a feel of the African ambiance, near the African inspired Bantaba (traditional meeting place) Restaurant, Djembe Drumming for those who want to immerse in African art, African ballet dance.



There is a therapy studio at Sand Beach Hotel Resort Spa & Wellness, and offers services such as; Deep Tissue Back Massage, Swedish or Relaxing Back Massage, Healing Treatment Massage, Aroma Therapy Massage, Relaxing Massage, Treatment For Hands & Feet, Herbal Facial Treatment, Mini Facial Treatment, Hair Removal Waxing, and Cellulite massage & Hot Compress.